About the Kayak
Although there is not one kayak for every situation, changing boats when conditions change is not always an option. This boat is designed to excel in many conditions. It has taken hundreds of hours, miles, and several years to perfect. This performance excursion design I feel has achieved my goals for versatility and performance. 

Standard boat specifications
Length 18’ 9“
Beam 21”
Length water line 17’
Water line width 19 ¾” 
Draught 3 5/8”
Bow deck height 12 ½”
Stern deck height 8 ¾ “

Forms are adjustable for a custom fit. 

Speed and efficiency – With this hull design the displacement of water is slow, consistent, and wetted surface area is minimized, making it fast (7.1 mph consistently on GPS). It has a high cruising speed that is great for distance traveling. 

Maneuverability and tracking – With the help of a retractable skeg you have the best of both. With a sight lean and a turning stroke the boat will come about 180 degrees from cruising speed. The boat has the maneuverability of a much shorter boat. With the 33” skeg deployed a full 3” tracking is very strong in all conditions reducing the need for course corrections. 

Waves – This design is well mannered in waves and chop due to its narrow beam and generous rocker.

Stability – With relatively straight sides, shallow V, and high shear this boat has strong initial and secondary stability for a 21” beam. 

Many artistic designs are available. The boats are built by beveling ¼” strips. Through the shear artwork is standard, as is 6 ounce cloth inside and out. Marine varnish final coat is sprayed while on rotisserie for a smooth, shiny, seamless finish.  

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