Cockpit – The size and shape of the cockpit is designed so you can enter the boat seat first. It also allows for easy paddling because your hands have clearance to the spray skirt lip. The cockpit also stores many items useful when kayaking, such as rain gear, bilge pump, binoculars, hat, paddle clip, food, water, ect. 

Thigh brace – The thigh brace is designed to support your legs in a forward comfortable position. They wrap around your legs to allow for better control of the kayak. They also aid in many rolling techniques. 

Seat- The seat is custom made of a dense foam and shaped to fit the kayak and the paddler. Then it is coated with a fiberglass coating, padded, and wrapped with a marine vinyl. 

Console design with leg supports – Leg supports are designed to lift your legs to help maintain contact with the thigh brace. The supports take pressure off of your feet and back for a more comfortable ride. The console holds a water bottle and snacks for the trip.

Foot controlled retractable skeg –The skeg design allows the boat to be highly responsive to hull design and paddling techniques. When retracted the boat is very loose and maneuverable even in waves. When deployed the boat tracks very strongly and resists being pushed off course by wind and water conditions. Being a foot controlled retractable skeg allows you to continue with paddling techniques while simultaneously adjusting the skeg. Designing and developing the foot controlled skeg was a lengthy process of trial and error, but the end result is an amazing feature. 

Concealed hatch lid release – The hatch includes a special concealed release feature. The lid is released by removing a dowel and is popped open by a spring.

Pivoting back rest - The specially designed back rest allows the paddler to lean back lifting you from the seat and making it easier to enter and exit the boat. The tilt back feature aides in many rolling techniques. It also tilts forward for self rescue over the stern deck, and  allows access to the hatch lid release. 
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